Kouskous Express

Kouskous Express serves fresh food in a fast casual concept offering authentic Moroccan cuisine that features couscous, tajines and other Moroccan and Mediterranean fare.

We use fresh, healthy, and local ingredients showcasing the bold flavors Moroccan cuisine is known for. The entirety of our menu items are made from scratch on the premises using fresh and local ingredients whenever possible. The menu is largely gluten-free and there are several of vegan choices.  

KousKous Express is a quick service, fast casual establishment appealing to business and residential customers. We offer unique and fresh flavors at a faster pace and a lower price point than what we had at Kouskous Café. You order from the counter and then can take it with you or sit down and enjoy your meal. Phone and online ordering will also be available.

Fine dining events! Initially, we'll start with one weekend a month and may add more. The fine dining menu will be limited and will change based on seasons and availability of products. We will also offer tasting menus and catering services down the road.


We are back!

I am  thrilled to be back in Mt. Lebanon, next door to the original Kouskous. Those of you who know me well know how hard I worked and still do. You may think I have a lot on my plate and wonder why I want to reopen...I have the itch, what can I say? My passion keeps me going and my drive to succeed at all costs and the unbelievable friendships and contacts I formed with many of you throughout the years.


Crowdfunding Campaign

Thank you to all of those that pledged or preordered a gift card during our crowdfunding campaign in November-December, 2017! We raised a little of $25,000 which was extremely helpful in getting Kouskous Express's kitchen set up, employees hired, and all the details that get a business's doors open. We continue to welcome pledges and the rewards are below — grab them while you can — to help us remodel the downstairs into a proper prep area and to set up for our future monthly fine dining events.